Delie 08086 Stage 2 Faja Short + Bra Expanded Gluteal Fit

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Delie 08086


Introducing Delie 08086, our new Stage 2 post-surgical faja for expanded gluteal area fit. This faja has an attached bra, is sleeveless, and panty length, making it ideal for wearing it under any outfit while still addressing your post-op needs. Its design with three rows of hooks allows for three levels of gradual compression to achieve the desired shape.

This high-control faja has a back covering that benefits the lumbar region, relieves and prevents backaches. It has double abdominal reinforcement that provides high compression, allowing for firm control and helping to control inflammation, prevent fluid retention, and speed healing and tissue regeneration.

  • High compression
  • Panty length
  • Perennial opening for easy bathroom use
  • Attached bra
  • Double abdominal reinforcement
  • Helps eliminate retained body fluids caused by inflammation during the recovery phase of post-op procedures
  • Reduces risk of fluid pockets in specific areas
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Contributes to proper skin adhesion
  • Enriched fabric that prevents wound contamination
  • Reduces bruising
  • Reduces pain and improves the scarring of the skin due to patented technology called viveltex which provides nutrients, hydration, and skin tonification
  • Shapes and controls the abdomen, hips, legs, and buttocks
  • Certified MADE IN COLOMBIA

This faja is made with material that hydrates, enriches, and tones the skin. Its interior lining is made of lycra for additional skin care benefits.