Delie 09198 First Stage Faja

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Delie 09198


First Stage Faja Compression Garment

This knee length, sleeveless with thick suspenders and three level hook faja helps the body drain and expel fluids immediately following post-op recovery. Made of spandex material.

Designed for Stage One Post-op recovery because in the first weeks of the recovery period, low to medium compression is ideal. Keyword is compression ladies. You have to feel compressed and its really up to your comfort level. The low to medium compression provided by the faja favors the drainage of fluids in a uniform way and prevents the appearance of fibrosis or scaring. This design is perfect for your body during recovery as inflammation reduces, the 3 level hooks allow for a better compression and fit to your silhouette.

Replaces Fájate 11198 in Colombia.

  • Helps eliminate retained body fluids caused by inflammation during the recovery phase of post-op procedures.
  • Reduces risk of fluid pockets in specific areas. Increases blood circulation.
  • Contributes to proper skin adhesion.
  • Enriched fabric that prevents wound contamination.
  • Reduces bruising.
  • Reduces pain and improves the scarring of the skin due to patented technology called viveltex which provides nutrients, hydration and skin tonification.
  • Made in Colombia
    * sizes 4XL and up are FINAL SALE.