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MYD TA-101 Post Liposuction Belly Band Best Seller

MYD TA-101 Post Liposuction Belly Band Best Seller

Best Belly band in the market. Made for postpartum, liposuction, tummy tuck & C-section all belly procedures

For Immediate use after phase one of post op recovery has completed. Surgical Grade Sanitary Material Certified INVIMA product.

This adjustable belly band with an abdominal board is designed for use after surgery of the belly area. Designed for Postpartum, C-section, and great for post liposuction, post tummy tuck, due to the bands comfort, safety, and modern design.

Goes unnoticeable under your clothes and your new life saver!

Helps the skin adhere to the muscle after having any belly related surgery. Shapes the belly. A great accessory for post-surgery ladies. Makes for a great gift!

Certified Material Minimizes Infection Promotes Hygiene.

Offers necessary coverage around your waist. Adapts perfectly to the figure. Designed to give comfort and be worn daily. Available in beige.

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