Ann Chery

Always the best, or in Spanish: “Siempre la mejor”, is the phrase with which we usually identify this brand of compression garments. Created in Colombia with innovation and quality, where fashion designers and medical specialists work hand in hand. Whether you use fajas regularly, or this is your first time, Ann Chery Fajas have a simple and intuitive catalog for you to choose the most functional, the most daring garment, or simply the one that makes you feel perfect. In fact, their clothes have the names of women of flesh and blood: Melissa, Mara, Amalia, Ingrid, Morelia ... names that represent the feminine identity.

What differentiates AnnChery from other brands?

Perfect for post-surgical treatment. Ann Chery garments are made with anti-allergenic material that is highly resistant to elongation and feels soft to the skin. They are easy to wash, light and conform to the silhouette of each body type. The best Ann Chery fajas for post-op and postpartum treatment are those in the Powernet line, which comes in many shapes including the long-sleeved models, bras and chin guards.

Fajas made in Colombia. When you buy an AnnChery product, you are buying a product whose manual manufacturing process currently benefits more than 800 families directly. AnnChery as an employer has special programs to boost job growth, as well as to provide transportation and food aid. And all without neglecting, for a second, discipline in meeting its quality standards.

100% natural Latex. What takes this brand to the next level is the manufacturing of the latex used in their garments.

The raw material is of natural origin, taken directly from trees in natural forests of Colombia and Guatemala. Rainforest Alliance certification of environmental care.

High Compression Fajas AnnChery

Powernet Line. Powernet is a high compression textile technology with a quality that was heavily tested. The results shows that after multiple washes and continuous stretching tests the faja does not lose is original shape.

The garments in this line mold the body, enhance the buttocks and reduce inches of the waist. In addition, the inner part is lined with delicate cotton so that your skin breathes and you can feel comfortable throughout the day.

Latex Line. This line includes the world famous waist trainers that are ideal for the gym and workout routines. With these Ann Chery corsets you will lose inches in seconds. In fact, this line is the most popular in the entire catalog, so much so that they are favored by celebrities like Kim Kardashian. This successful businesswoman has shared photos on her Instagram using the Waist cincher, one of the most popular and striking garments of the Ann Chery brand.

Fajas AnnChery medium compression

Comfort Line. Fajas made with soft and fresh fabrics, ideal for daily use. You will enhance your silhouette naturally with its intermediate compressive effect. Some of their full body models are recommended for post-surgical treatment, such as the Ingrid body shaper. The comfort line is ultrasensitive to shape and are light garments, with microfiber material that controls the figure.

One of the most outstanding products of this line is the Ann Chery Angelina. Original long design with adjustable straps.

Luxury Line. Sophisticated and sensual, whether you wear them every day or if you do it occasionally. This line offers a medium compression level with a shaping effect, and a thin layer of latex for greater flexibility. This faja is invisible and offers seamless bodysuit models. These garments conform to your silhouette without any problems, allowing for maximum comfort and movement.

Invisible Line. One look is all it takes to realize what distinguishes this line from others and that is its delicate, harmonious and discreet designs. Girdles made in spandex with localized control systems. Ultra-soft texture and zero seams. You will feel bold and sure of yourself with a touch of sensuality.

And now? Dare to wear the garments of the brand that most represents the current market of Colombian fajas in the world. Enhance your beauty. Wear your most elegant, daring or casual clothes. Feel comfortable at all times.


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