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Use postsurgical compression garmets to recuperate from liposuction, brazilian butt lifts (bbl), tummy tucks and other types of surgeries. These compression garments are designed to help the body recover faster by minimizing swelling during the healing process. They are usually tighter than traditional high compression fajas, so they serve to improve blood circulation and stimulate tissue regeneration.

Postpartum compression garments are also useful for the recovery of natural or caesarean section deliveries. If you need the best faja for postpartum use, we recommend you visit our catalog of postpartum fajas.

The three stages of fajas. Post-surgical and postpartum recovery

By this point in your journey you know about fajas and the many different applications and design variations of this popular garment. Colombian fajas are far different from the traditional slip or spanx in the sense that they were designed to flatten the stomach thereby creating a smooth and even appearance of clothes worn on top of the slip. Meanwhile, fajas were designed to be used as a tool to support and better the recovery process of post-surgery procedures and the recovery process after giving birth.

Our postsurgical compression fajas offer up to three levels of compression in their garments: High, medium and low. If you use or need a faja to shape your body, control fat, bloat or simply wish to lift your buttocks, you can opt for any of these levels according to your need, compression tolerance and of course style.

But what happens immediately after surgery? What level of compression is appropriate to recover from cosmetic procedures and from a C-section?

Read more to learn about the three stages of post-op recovery.

How to buy the best postsurgical faja?

You need at least two types of fajas. Generally speaking, after any procedure it is advisable to wait three to five days before using medium and high compression garments.

Instead, start your recovery process with very soft compression fajas such as those found in our slimming fajas category, this is because the newly operated area is sensitive and delicate, and slimming fajas are easy to wear as they have no seams or closures. This slight compression helps enormously.

Immediately after surgery, start with stage one fajas then proceed with stage two fajas.

Stage two fajas are engineered to offer multiple levels of compression because your body will need it as it gradually shrinks in size during the second stage of post-op recovery. The best post-op faja is dependent on the body part that was operated. Full body fajas are great for the legs and arms, while short and panty fajas are ideal for multi procedures like lipo and breast.

Some products in our online store are designed to support the waist area. A best seller (D&G ref. 2405) of Fajas Diane & Geordi reinforced compresison in the abdominal area, is ideal for:

  • Liposuction or lipectomy
  • Hysterectomy
  • Dermolipectomy
  • Abdominoplasty

We carry fajas designed for the treatment of different types of hernias, such as inguinal hernia or umbilical hernia which affects the lower abdomen.

We also carry fajas for care after gallbladder operations, and orthopedic posture corrections.

If you have doubts in selecting the best faja for you it is recommended that you consult your physician. 

Pro tip: Keep in mind that some girdles have closures on the front - category. These closures do not make direct contact with the skin, but they could be uncomfortable for people with very sensitive skin or stiches. If that’s the case, consider using fajas with back or side closures like the (Salome ref. 0528-1).

Our Catalog of Postsurgical Fajas

In this category we have hand selected the best postsurgical compression garments for bbl, lipo, and other cosmetic surgery use.  Our methodology for selecting fajas starts with giving you postoperative control.

The brands we offer are the leaders in the post-op compression Faja market worldwide.

100% Colombian made, certified for medical use, enriched fabrics, we offer high quality fajas for treatment after cosmetic procedures or surgical interventions; you will find our products to be durable and dependable.

Post-Surgical Fajas MyD

The expert Brand MyD has an offering of post-surgical girdles for men and women certified by INVIMA, the Colombian health authority that is responsible for overseeing the manufacturing and storage processes of products for national and foreign trade.

The lining material selected for their fajas is a cutting-edge microencapsulated fabric that is among the latest generation of intelligent textiles.

Fajas MyD have microcapsules of vitamin E that accelerate the healing process and improve the elasticity of the skin. Microspheres gradually release active agents by simple rubbing of the fabric against any surface, the intelligent fabrics rupture over time releasing microcapsules of vitamin E that accelerate the healing process and improve the elasticity of the skin.

MyD post-op fajas can be adapted for daily use, recommended for those with delicate skin.

In addition to fajas, MyD has a complementary line of postsurgical accessories made with antibacterial fabric. Anatomical abdominal boards, for example, mold to the skin and are used under the faja to prevent creases in the abdomen. These tables also help prevent infections while serving as a barrier between the closure of the girdle and the operated area. They are also used in by women who have waist trainers at home and want to repurpose them for the treatment of their aesthetic operation.

If you want to learn more about intelligent fabrics look for the fabrics that pass the rub smell test

Post Surgery Fajas Salome

Salomé has a post-surgical line of special fajas lined with delicate cotton and hypo-allergenic fabric. This fabric allows the skin to breathe, while caring for and protecting against possible infections. Within this line are fajas of all shapes, combinations and styles that help achieve the ideal care for your body after an operation.

Salomé has long or knee length girdles; with pre-braced bra, free breasts or strapless, and adjustable shoulder fajas. Consider the wide variety of Salomé bras that include specialty bras designed for mammoplasty operation needs and don’t forget the Salomé best-selling vests with sleeves (Salome ref. 0533J) ideal for the recovery of arm procedures.

Fajas Diane Poitiere for Post Surgery

The exclusive Diane & Geordi Brand offers a best selling post-surgical line of full-body fajas similar in shape to fishing waders (D&G ref. 2403) avaliable in skin, black or cocoa colors. Excellent for use after buttock or breast operations.

Diane Post-surgical fajas not only provide exceptional help in the process of healing and tissue regeneration, they also shape the body, improving the aesthetic results we all want after an operation. As their slogan goes; Because wearing liposuction garments is not a problem for women anymore.

We invite you to explore our vast offering of girdles for postoperative care. We have references ranging in prices, so we are sure that you will find the ideal ally for your figure.