When you wear Fajas MariaE, you are wearing a comfortable, quality and innovative garment. Those are the three criteria that define this Colombian brand that has made its way into the market since its founding in 1993.

MariaE is the ideal garment that will make you feel sing “I am feeling myself”, made in Colombia, in a factory where respect, honesty and fair treatment are fundamental values. A brand committed to the employment and quality of life of its workers.

Currently, its catalog offers molding, post-surgical and sportswear fajas for the health and beautification of the human body.

Certified postsurgical girdles

Fajas MariaE optimize the recovery process after surgical procedures or cosmetic surgeries. These garments are excellent after liposuction, when the skin tissue is detached from the muscle and adequate compression is necessary while stabilizing. In turn, the brand produces postpartum girdles, long-sleeved vests for the treatment of lifting arms, bras for breast surgeries, and even maternal girdles that help support the belly while enhancing and shaping your body.

Be worry-free with your fajas made with Vitafit Complex that helps repair and hydrate tissues. That’s right, hydrate the body. Vitafit is composed of seaweed, Ginkgo biloba, Cosmacol EMI and Vitamin E, certified by the Colombian authority INVIMA. You can choose between different fajas with options for back, arms, bust or strapless and lift. Options of lateral or frontal closures with five levels of compression.

In addition to fajas, you can purchase additional products for body care. Breast firming discs with glacial effect that help prevent mastitis. Glacial belt for tightening of the abdomen, among others.

And for men, MariaE also offers vests and girdles that control the abdomen, back and chest.

Molding Fajas MariaE

With a simple search on our website you can find the style of girdle you need. Maria E covers a wide range of garments: Vests, fajas short, half leg or long, body, panty bra and waistband. And variety of colors: white, cream and mocha, with sizes up to XXXL.

High quality garments made of powernet and lined with cotton. Some of its high compression models are made with intelligent fabric called Triconet, elastic and double reinforced for perfect molding. On the other hand, the MariaE fajas are more elastic in the hips and buttocks to give you a natural enhancement.

In addition, some of their lines have bars in the front or back area which create the appearance of a wasp like waist.

Sports Garments

The sports line, meanwhile, goes beyond the functional basics of a faja. Avant-garde and fashionable designs that make you want to wear them every day. Now you can go jogging wearing fun and comfortable printed leggings. Or you can use their reduction girdles like the latex waistband with animal print motif. Or neoprene belts that increase body temperature accelerating sweat and fat burning. All MariaE sportswear are designed to make you look spectacular, while taking care of your body and keeping you fit.

Dare to wear Fajas MariaE. Currently a best seller in the Colombian national market, with stores in the main cities: Bogotá, Medellín and Pereira. MariaE offers a vast catalog with a variety of prices, sizes and colors.


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  1. As low as $49.99

    Our slip shaper is ideal as a daily shaper, tummy control and underdress shapewear. This shaper provides tummy, waist, and hip control.

    • Triconet and Cotton.
    • Medium Compression.
    • Made of Triconet, a highly-resistant weave that provides control and comfort.
    • Featuring soft cotton lining to avoid skin irritation.
    • Mid-thigh length with silicone lace.
    • Its flexible steel bones provide added compression and back support.
  2. As low as $69.99

    This shaper fits perfectly in any silhouette. It can be worn as a post op garment or daily use purposes.

    High compression.
    Adjustable hook-and-eye closure.
    Helps to mold and shape the figure.
    Offers open gusset.
    High-back design.
    Open-bust style.

  3. As low as $71.99

    This shaper fits perfectly in any silhouette. It can be worn as a post op garment or daily use purposes.

    Medium compression.
    High back style.
    Provides 4 level hook-and-eye closure to adjust compression.
    Open bust design
    Offers adjustable wide straps.
    Made of Powernet and Nylon.

  4. As low as $69.99

    This multi-purpose shaper can be worn as a post-op garment and for daily use purposes.

    • Powernet and Cotton.
    • High Compression.
    • Made of Powernet, a blend of polyamide and elastane that smooths and controls the figure.
    • The cotton lining avoids skin irritation and keeps the user dry all day.
    • With adjustable and removable straps.
    • This tummy control shapewear features two levels of hook-and-eye front closure to adjust compression.
    • Perineal zipper 
  5. As low as $59.99

    This multi-purpose shaper can be worn as a post-op garment and for daily use purposes.

    • Powernet and Cotton.
    • High Compression.
    • Made of Powernet, a mixture of polyamide and elastane that molds the body due to high compression.
    • Soft cotton lining that improves breathability and avoids skin irritation.
    • Our body shaper for women features mid-thigh length with an embroidered hemline.
    • This body shaper has wide shoulder straps for maximum comfort.
    • The mid back design which aids posture.
    • Perineal zipper
  6. As low as $67.99

    MariaE's versatile shaper can be used as a postpartum compression garment, post-op garment and for daily use purposes. Made of Triconet, a complex compression fabric that offers a top-quality shaping effect. Includes a cotton lining for more comfort. 

    • Triconet and Cotton.
    • Medium Compression.
    • Its hypoallergenic breathable cotton lining will enhance comfort.
    • Mid back coverage.
    • Adjustable, removable straps.
    • Its two-level hook-and-eye front closure allows grading compression.
    • Knee length with lace hem.
    • The strap cushions provide relief to wear it all day long.
    • Perineal zipper
  7. MariaE's postpartum girdle is the ideal garment to wear after giving birth. This shapewear is ideal as a postpartum shaper, post op shapewear, slimming shapewear, tummy control shapewear, compression garment after liposuction and girdle under dress.

    • Powernet and Nylon.
    • Medium Compression.
    • Made of Powernet, a high compression blend with polyamide and elastane.
    • The hypoallergenic nylon lining features Vitafit, a moisturizing component.
    • side zipper closure
    • Our shapewear for women features silicone laces that keep the girdle from rolling up.
    • The flap style opening gusset is perfect when going to the bathroom.
    Out of stock
  8. As low as $69.99

    This women's shapewear offers high compression and comfort. Its antiallergenic cotton lining will keep skin from irritation.

    • Made of Powernet, a blend of polyamide and elastane that molds the body.
    • Full back coverage to improve posture.
    • Tummy, legs, waist, hip control, and buttocks enhancement.
    • Thick shoulder straps for extra comfort.
    • Our full body shaper for women features capri length with silicone hems.
    • Its 4 levels of hook-and-eye front closure allow grading the compression.
    • Panty style gusset with a removable thong for easier bathroom access.

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