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A healthy diet and exercise is the old cliche for achieving the max potential that your figure offers. Thankfully, some of us are always looking for that extra.

The Science behind Waist Trainers

The art of waist shaping started centuries ago and historians attribute the invention to Catherine de' Medici, wife of King Henry II of France. She enforced a ban on thick waists at court attendance during the 1550s.

For nearly four centuries, women's primary means of support was the corset, with laces and stays made of whalebone or metal. Catherine found that "Waist Training" by cinching a corset tighter and tighter, allowed the waist trainer (corset) to pull in a woman's floating ribs to effectively reduce the circumference of her waist.

Waist trainers are designed for this purpose. Its daily use dates back hundreds of years ago when the important ladies of the court used corsets to shine the notch of their dresses and accentuate the neckline. Later, it was discovered that, if this garment was worn every day by incrementally tightening the adjustment straps, the circumference of the waist could be drastically and permanently reduced.

Today, the corset has evolved significantly. It’s no secret that Colombian women are easy to spot as their voluptuous figure helps them stand out. This is due, in part to the Colombian culture, where for centuries the ultimate female figure is said to be similar to that of the shape of a wasp. The “cintura de avispa” or wasp-like waist is a phenomenon that our waist trainers will help you achieve.

Colombians have become the experts that continue to bring to market special garments that shape the waist and are designed for the health and comfort of modern women. The concept of so many centuries ago remains, but with many more benefits.

Generally speaking, two types of waist trainer categories drive the industry. Daily use and exercise use waist trainers.

Daily Use Waist Trainers

Latin americans know them as “fajas cinturilla”, in America they are called waist trainers. Waist trainers are, for all intents and purposes, the classic girdles, but with a corset type design that focuses on molding (shaping) only the waist. Some design variations come with bras and/or adjustable straps that help enhance the bust.

Daily wear waist trainers look great and feel comfortable under any type of clothing. They are made of materials with up to three levels of compression (soft, medium and high) designed to shape your body and stylize the curves to your liking. The most used textile fibers are Powernet, Nylon and Lycra.

Within this category of waist trainers you can find versatile and very comfortable garments such as the Salomé Faja (ref. 0315-1) in black color with front zip closure. This garment is lined with cotton and hypoallergenic fabric so that the skin breathes and does not sweat. It has an invisible design, without rods and without clasps.

For those with additional daily needs, we can also find references with orthopedic designs, such as the MyD posture correction waist trainer (ref. 0550). This model has rods at the sides and on the back for a more pronounced notch.

Sports and Exercise Waist Trainers

The advances in technology to fabric have created an additional category of waist trainers over the last decade. Waist trainers specially designed to go to the gym. These are garments with a slimming effect: they raise the body temperature optimizing the burning of fat or calories in the abdomen area. They are made in neoprene (the same material found in divers' suits), in latex or in neotex.

Although these waist slimming garments are made for exercise, many women wear them to go to the sauna or steam room. The results are very therapeutic: They provide a unique thermal sensation and help the body release toxins.

Generally speaking, the waist trainers in the exercise category tend to be more elastic than everyday purpose waist trainers. Some models have adjustable velcro closure systems, which allows for the garment to be stretched around the waist until the desired compression is achieved. A best seller is the sauna waist trainer from brand MyD (ref. 0152), whose design makes it an ideal garment for both women and men.

Waist Trainers exploded in popularity when Kim Kardashian revealed a photo on her instagram of her wearing this type of garment during her exercise routine. The waist trainer, designed by Ann Chery (ref. 2026), is available in our catalog. It has a classic corset style and is made of neoprene material. Its front clasp has two to four adjustment hooks.

We invite you to learn more about the options and offerings available in our waist trainer catalog. Waist Trainers are easy-to-wear garments that work for all occasions: You can complement your gym routine with the use of special weight-loss clothes. Or, you can sport an hourglass figure with daily use waist trainers.

We only carry certified 100% Colombian origin waist trainers. Specialized in the market of control garments Colombia is the clear leader and innovator globally. Some of the brands we carry include Diane Poitiere (exclusive line of Diane & Geordi), MyD and Salomé. Our waist trainers adapt to each type of woman; they come in affordable prices and offer a variety of designs and styles. The waist trainers in our online catalog are available in sizes as small as XXS and as large as the 5 XL.

It is worth mentioning that, if you wish to shape other parts of your body in addition to the waist, shoud visit our shapewear category. There you will find references of long girdles or body type fajas. Modern shaping manufacturing extends to the legs, hips, arms, buttocks and bust.