The Best Fajas Brands

The success of shaping fajas is due to the type of fabric with which they are manufactured. The highest quality and most widely used textile technology is called Powernet.

Powernet, known for its resistance, is the material found in some of the best selling shape wear worldwide. Salomé, one of our brands, is a specialist in its use in the manufacturing process of their shapewear.

Some brands use Lycra elastic fiber. Lycra can be combined with other materials such as Nylon to achieve the right level of compression. Our Expert Brand MyD is certified in the use of this material.

Finally, there are other types of fajas that some know as waist trainers. These fajas are made of latex, microltex or neoprene material. They work very well for exercise because they help increase body temperature. Our brands, Ann Chery and Fajas Diana Poitiere has a specialized line of girdles made in microltex with thermo-inducing effects.

It should be noted that, according to intended manufacturing use, each faja can be lined with other materials. The daily use shapewear made in Powernet, for example, are usually lined with cotton for additional skin care.

Our catalog offers hand selected, certified best-selling Colombian shapewear brands for your perusal. You can filter our catalog by compression level, color and type of material. We have fajas in large and small sizes to compliment any outfit. Our shapewear will help you achieve a sensational figure and look.

We offer our users the lowest prices with our low price guarantee and offer worldwide shipments.

Delie by Fajate Logo


There’s a reason Delié fajas, known as Fájate in Colombia, has become the most recognized Colombian brand in the textile industry. From post-op solutions to postpartum and maternity shapewear, Delié fajas and shapewear provide you with the support you need to make you feel like your best you.

Ideal for daily, post-op and post partum use, Delié by Diseños D' Prada fajas are created with fashion, comfort, and your body’s health in mind. Infused with seaweed, ginkgo biloba, Cosmacol Emi, and vitamin e, Delié fajas are made with Viveltex fabric to help reduce skin flammation, moisturize, nourish and tone the skin, all while giving you the shape you desire.

When it comes to post-surgical recovery, the best results are obtained when you use shapewear that holds your skin tight against your body to provide both comfort and relief. Delié fajas do just that, ensuring your body has everything it needs to help nurse itself back to health

Fajas Salomé

Fajas Salomé is known as “the original” Colombian fajas brand for men and women. This shapewear brand specializes in shaping and caring for the body. These high-quality fajas utilize Powernet fabric for a unique compression effect and hypoallergenic lycra flannel on the inside for a delicate, soft-to-the-touch feeling you’ll love. Factory designs are made of Powernet quality fabric on the outside for a unique compressive effect, and delicate cotton lycra flannel inside, hypoallergenic and soft to the touch. With three levels of control (soft, medium, and strong), Fajas Salomé shapewear can help you hide bulges caused by tight garments, enhance the bust area, and provide the “butt-lift” effect that many women are looking for. If this is your first time purchasing or wearing compression shapewear, a Fajas Salomé soft control girdle is the perfect faja for you.

Fajas MyD Logo

Fajas M&D

Getting your body back into your ideal shape after surgery or childbirth is difficult, but you don’t need to face these challenges alone. Fajas M&D can help.

Translated to English, Fajas Médico y Diario means “Medical & Daily.” These 100% Colombian fajas were developed to provide daily post-surgical and postpartum support to those looking to “take back” their figure. Fajas M&D shapewear incorporates LYCRA elastic fiber to all its garments, combining it with Powernet, lycra cotton, and lycra nylon, among others, to deliver superior support in a range of sizes, from XS to 3XL.

With four different compression levels and an emphasis on the health and aesthetics of the consumer, regular use of these fajas can help redefine curves in a safe, more natural way.

Fajas Diane Logo

Fajas Diane

You’re looking for a way to achieve your ideal shape. Fajas Diane has the girdles and shapewear belts to help you find it. The shapewear by Diane Poitiere offers women a high-quality, effective way to find their “perfect shape,” no matter the size and shape — or budget. Why choose Fajas Diane? As the most well-known fajas brand in the United States, Fajas Diane offers garments that go with all types of clothing and occasion, with seams or no seams: trouser belts, short girdle, waistband, body type, with panty thread, etc. Made in Colombia, Diane & Geordi fajas range in size from 32 to 46 (or from X to XXL) and offer a variety of colors (e.g., white, black, beige), materials and textures, including microfiber, Powernet, spandex cotton, latex, microlatex, and lace. If you’re interested in fajas or shapewear belts that allow you to mold, adjust, control, reduce, or lift different parts of your body, Fajas Diane shapewear is the perfect choice for the modern woman. From the abdomen and waist to the bust and glutes, these garments help you achieve the body shape you’re looking for. They’re also a great choice for daily use after childbirth, cesarean section or procedures such as liposuction.

Fajas MariaE Logo

Fajas MariaE

Comfort. Quality. Innovation. Those are the three words that have been associated with the Fajas MariaE brand since its founding in 1993.

Choosing a faja form MariaE won’t just make you feel your best on the outside, it will also make you feel good on the inside. Why? Because Fajas MariaE cares about its workers and the environment. Made in Colombia, Fajas MariaE is committed to providing its workers with a factory where respect, honesty and fair treatment are fundamental values.

Fajas MariaE fajas can help you get back to your ideal body shape after cosmetic procedures like liposuction, where the skin tissue is detached from the muscle and adequate compression is needed to return the body to its original shape. Additionally, the brand produces postpartum fajas, long-sleeved vests to help lift and tone the arms, bras for breast surgeries, and even maternal girdles that help support the belly while enhancing and shaping your body.



Faja is the premier brand in post-operative garment design, offering a unique and unparalleled experience to customers seeking the best possible support and recovery. Our commitment to quality starts with the materials we use. We only use medical-grade quality Powernet materials (tela de primera), setting us apart from competitors who use lower grade materials (tela de segunda). Our materials are softer to the touch and have a better stretch, giving our customers a more comfortable and effective post-surgical experience.