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Accentuate your curves with shaping fajas. Commonly referred to as Shapers. These garments have compression fabric that provide pressure on specific parts of the body, some of the many uses shapers serve:

  • Waist reduction of up to two inches (if used daily)
  • Control, compression and redistribution of fat around the abdomen and hips
  • Buttock and bust enhancement.

There are three levels of compression that define how molded or shaped your figure will be:

Low Compression Shapewear.

These fajas gently hide bloat, fat and folds. The result provides for a very natural look. Perfect for women who want to wear fajas but who feel uncomfortable feeling tight. These fajas are elastic and easy to put on. Because they do not usually have closures or hooks, they provide an invisible effect and the faja is not noticeble under clothing.

Please visit our slimming category to find the fajas that best fits your needs.

Medium Compression Shapewear.

These fajas shape the body more pronouncedly. Depending on the garment reference and brand, emphasis can be given to shape some parts of the body more than others.

Generally speaking, intermediate compression fajas have adjustable zippers or hooks to tighten the shapewear as inches are lost and/or the body becomes accustomed to compression. You can find shapewear without rods, without straps and even without seams.

High Compression Shapewear.

The most effective shapewear for seasoned people accustomed to the continuous use of control garments. This type of girdles further accentuates the curves of the body making you look toned, sensual and voluptuous. They are made with materials that do not expand or lose compression with use.

How do shaping fajas work?

The success of shaping fajas is due to the type of fabric with which they are manufactured. The highest quality and most widely used textile technology is the Powernet. Due to its resistance, the best shapewear is made in that material. Salomé, one of our brands, is a specialist in its use in the manufacturing of shapewear.

There are also shaping fajas made with Lycra elastic fiber. Lycra can be combined with other materials such as Nylon to achieve the right level of compression. Our Expert Brand MyD is certified in the use of this material.

Finally, there are other types of fajas that some know as thermal waist trainers. These fajas are made of latex, microltex or neoprene material. They work very well for exercise because they help increase body temperature. Fajas Diana Poitiere has a specialized line of girdles made in microltex with thermo-inducing effect.

It should be noted that, according to intended manufacturing use, each faja can be lined with other materials. The daily use shapewear made in Powernet, for example, are usually lined with cotton for additional skin care.

Remember not to overdo it. These control garments should not be worn more than ten hours a day, and their use for sleeping is also not recommended.

What is the best faja for my body type?

When shopping for shapewear it is important that you consider the garment that is designed to give you the best results according to the area of ​​the body that you wish to mold or conceal.

However, also consider factors such as comfort and the type of clothing you will wear over it. For example, if you are showing a small belly, you can completely hide it with a full-body MyD shaping faja (ref. F0161) with bra. These types of shapewear serve to reduce the waist if they are used regularly. As an additional benefit, the girdle lifts buttocks, controls hips and even conceals the bust. You can also explore the shapewear garments of the Fajas Salome molding line made with high compression materials.

If you are looking for a more comfortable and versatile shapewear solution with which to wear elegant necklines and conceal your belly, Diana & Geordi's extra-high-waisted short girdle (ref. 2389) made in microltex could be a better option for you. If not, you still have more options: head to our corset catalog to find a shaper in our waist training category.

For those of you looking for shapewear that hide chubby arms, the Salomé sleeve shaping model (ref. 0217) could be your perfect ally.

Finally, if there is no specific body part that you wish to mold, it is advisable to use low or medium compression fajas such as those of the Seamless Line of Diane Poitiere or the Body Line of Salome. These designs are soft and seamless; very versatile for almost all types of clothing, from wide blouses to beautiful half-leg dresses.

Our catalog offers hand selected, certified best-selling Colombian shapewear brands for your perusal. You can filter our catalog by compression level, color and type of material. We have fajas in large and small sizes to compliment any outfit. Our shapewear will help you achieve a sensational figure and look.