Fajas MyD, official name M&D, M&D stands for Médico y Diario, which translates to Medical and Daily, this is the brand of post-surgical girdles known for their great daily use and known for its overall excellence. 100% Colombian garments.

High quality fajas that value the health and aesthetics of consumers, and a company culture committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

The brand incorporates LYCRA elastic fiber to all its garments, in different variations that include Powernet, lycra cotton, lycra nylon, among others. Sizes range from 3XS to 4XL, and prices ideal for any budget.

What makes MyD Fajas different?

The fajas have up to four stages of compression, with the possibility of adding hook extensions to further increase the gradualness. Its regular use shape the curves in a natural way. Also, they are the perfect allies in the postoperative or postpartum treatment.

M&D stands for Médico y Diario, which translates to Medical and Daily, sublimaly referencing the purpose of their products by referencing the manufacturing process with two quality approaches:

Daily wear fajas made with comfortable and breathable materials that facilitate mobility. They offer good support for everyday activities like going to work, sports and high performance exercises.

Made for Post-Op Recovery

A category specific brand, fajas posquirúrgicas MyD have specialized anatomical designs. For starters, during the creation of the fabric, vitamin E microcapsules are added to help increase the elasticity of the skin, improving the healing process. To guarantee their value, these fajas are certified by INVIMA, an entity of Colombia that regulates the sanitary quality in the protocols of manufacturing, commercialization and distribution of products in the national territory or for export to foreign markets.

The three stages of Fajas MyD

For MyD, the wide variety of fajas are organized in the stages of post-op recovery. Three levels of compression according to the needs and use during the recovery process.

  • Low Compression. Girdles that are molded to the body in a soft and comfortable way. They are easy to put on and do not overtighten. Ideal for those people who are first-timers using girdles or those who prefer a rather general stylization of their body.
  • Medium Compression. Girdles that mold specific areas with intermediate pressure. They have adjustments and closures that control or enhance the breast, buttocks or waist.
  • High Compression. Girdles designed for women who want to maximize their body by accentuating sensual and pleasant curves. High compression fajas are the most recommended for aesthetic treatments because they support the skin and muscles in the more desired places.

Feminine Line

Specialized line in women's care, which includes different styles of clothing and accessories:

  • Long Fajas to mold the body and look elegant in long outfits, dresses or pants. Designs with greater coverage that allow to enhance or control several body parts at the same time.
  • Panty Fajas and underwear fajas including thongs, designed with bold silicone lace that fits the thighs and allows the garment not to rise. They are usually best used with short dresses or shorts.
  • Shorts and mini shorts mold the legs, with effect that lift the butt. Skus with high and low compression for small and plus sizes help to mold the waist or hips, your choice. There are also models with abdominal reinforcements. High quality craftsmanship includes Silicone that fit the thighs and allow the garment not to lift. They are best used with short dresses or shorts.
  • Orthopedic Brasieres bras that reduce breast pain after surgery. They also provide support while you sleep.
  • Waist Trainers that shape the figure and reinforce the back improving posture.
  • Prendas deportivas like MyD reducing belts or waist training belts with additional bars and beautiful lace motifs to reinforce compression and shape the body while burning calories.
  • Men's designs of girdles and vests for men. Different references that include adjustable shoulders, abdominal reinforcement and posture correctors.

Complimentary Line

This line offers complementary post-surgical products for men and women:

  • Vests. Wide variety of options can cover the arms, reduce stomach bloating and contour the chest.
  • Molding Lumbar. Placed in the lower center of the back, prevents fluid retention improving the recovery process of inflammation after the operation.
  • Abdominal Molding. Recommended for postoperative treatments during the first days after the procedure. Flattens the abdomen and prevents the skin from folding. Made with smart cloth that dries quickly, and an antibacterial formula that decreases the risk of infections.
  • Anatomical Tables the level up after the use of the abdominal shaper. It adapts to your silhouette providing comfort during the healing process.
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Fajas MyD is an avant-garde brand with a multitude of designs and models that work under any garment. All of its women's and men's garments, both post-surgical and daily use.

To find your size, see the size chart below or click on the size chart link within each product listing.

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