Phase one Begins immediately after liposuction or any procedure for that matter, and lasts two to five days, while your body overlaps the inflammation. Many surgeons recommend that you take your faja to the operating room so that the medical team can put it on you right after the procedure.

In this phase you choose the post-op faja size that corresponds to your measurements before surgery. That is, buy in advance, hopefully under specialized medical advice and never in a size smaller than the your body measurements pre-surgery. We highly recommend that you wear your faja prior to surgery so that you can be sure it fits with plenty of time to exchange sizes if necessary.

Remember that immediately after the surgery our body is inflamed meaning the loss of mass has not been realized yet. With this in mind, make sure to buy the most appropriate faja cut supporting the area that is to be operated. The recommended usage time is 24 hours a day. All the time! Surgeons recommend that you should only take off your girdle for your personal hygiene.

The post-surgical faja supports and holds the area so that the skin, which is detached immediately after surgery, is fixed to the skin again. In addition, the faja promotes healing and prevents the wound from becoming infected.

Postpartum Use

The medical recommendation is that immediately after caesarean section or vaginal delivery is best to leave the body at rest without using fajas. Fajas should be introduced after your release from the hospital. Visit our phase two fajas category to find your ideal garments.