Fajas Diane from Colombia

For those women who can shape into a perfect figure we offer the Diane Poitiere Fajas, exclusive line of fajas from the Colombian brand Diane & Geordi, one of the best positioned fajas brand in the United States. Diane & Geordi has a vast catalog of underwear and outerwear for both men and women.

As one of its slogans says: "Diane for women ... Geordi for men", Fajas by Diane focus on women and offer quality anatomical designs in all sizes, shapes and prices. Products made in Colombia, with sizes ranging from 32 to 46, or from XS to XXL. Colors that flow between black, white, skin, cocoa and even red, made with a wide variety of materials and textures: microfiber, Powernet, látex, microlátex, spandex cotton with and without lace; With or without seams. In addition, Fajas Diane offers lines for use under all types of clothing or for any occasion: leggings, short girdles, waist trainers, body type, with panty thread, among others.

What are the benefits of wearing Fajas Diane

Some of the uses for Fajas Diane include molding, adjusting, controlling, reducing or lifting different parts of the body such as the abdomen, waist, bust or buttocks.

They are perfect for daily use or for after delivery, caesarean section, or for procedures like liposuction. Put simply, these garments fit the lifestyle of the modern woman.

Fajas Diane Power Control

Colombian made fajas with a high level of compression, micro latex products leave you comfortable and with freedom of movement while helping to shape the body and correct posture. About 50 designs, between seven lines:

  • Post-op. Perfect girdles for postoperative procedure or postpartum, due to the fact that the fajas do not expand with use and improve blood circulation
  • Microlatex. Girdles made of microlátex material with thermoreductor effect. They are reducing fajas that shape the body and sharpen the waist.
  • Body. Special designs that compliment outfits and stylize the figure.
  • Powerlight. Fajas with intermediate compression that control body measurements.
  • Seamless. Comfortable and seamless designs, low compression. Invisible under clothes.
  • Masculine. Special fajas for men. They help control the abdomen and correct posture.

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  1. As low as $61.99

     This powernet shaper is designed to control the abdomen, the waist, and enhance the hips. Perfectly designed to be worn under any outfit. This shaper can be used as a post-op compression garment and for daily use.

    •  High compression.
    • Adjustable straps.
    • Latex layer in the abdominal area for optimal tummy control.
    • Microfiber lining.
    • Side zipper and inner hooks.
    • Extra butt lifting effect.
    • Elastic lace trim.
    • Open gusset.
    • Certified MADE IN COLOMBIA
  2. As low as $64.99

    This shaper is designed to reduce and smooth the waist, hips, and thighs. It is a versatile shaper than can be use for post-op procedures and daily use.


    • Made out of Powernet,
    • High compression 
    • Mid-thigh length 
    • Open Bust / Strapless.
    • Midline flat zipper.
    • Silicone lace trim to avoid roll-ups.
    • Corrects posture 
    • Butt-lifting effect.
    • Certified MADE IN COLOMBIA
  3. As low as $64.99

    This shaper is a medical graded compression garment designed for postpartum and post-surgical procedures. This garment provides an all around 360 compression and is microfiber-lined for your skin’s comfort.

    • Mid-thigh length
    • High back.
    • Made of Powernet
    • 2 levels of hook & eye front closure.
    • Open perineal
    • Silicone lace hemline
    • Certified MADE IN COLOMBIA
  4. As low as $49.98

    This shaper provides tummy control and creating your perfect silhoutte.This shaper girdle can be used underneath your daily looks or as postpartum wear.

    • High compression.
    • Controls the abdomen, the waist, and enhances the hips.
    • Adapts perfectly.
    • Removable straps / strapless option.
    • Open bust.
    • Side zipper with inner hooks for remarkable compression.
    • Underbust silicone band.
  5. As low as $69.98

    This shaper is one of our bestsellers providing an hourglass shape. This shaper girdle can be used underneath your daily looks or as postpartum wear.

    • Medium-High compression.
    • Microfiber lining.
    • Controls abdomen, waist, and enhances the hips.
    • Adapts perfectly.
    • Open bust.
    • Buttock lifting effect
    • Flat front zipper and inner hooks.
    • Silicone lace hemline.
    • Open crotch.
    • short style.
    • Certified MADE IN COLOMBIA
  6. As low as $69.98

    This shaper provides tummy control your looking for postpartum, while enhances your hips and creating your perfect silhoutte.This shaper girdle can be used underneath your daily looks or as postpartum wear.

    • Medium compression
    • Made of Powernet.
    • Helps post-birth (natural or c-section).
    • Butt-lifting effect.
    • Reduces inches and shapes instantly.
    • Controls over the abdomen and thighs.
    • Gives extra firm tummy control.
    • Innovative side zip closure system.
    • Removable straps
    • Reinforced with inner hooks - and- eyes.
    • Mid-back coverage
    • Crotchless feature.
    • Certified MADE IN COLOMBIA
  7. As low as $60.00

    This shaper made out of microlatex perfectly adapts to your body while creating an hourglass silhouette. This versatile shaper can be worn under any dress, pant, or skirts.

      • Medium to high compression.
      • Visually helps to reduce inches and enhance curves.
      • It can be worn either as an everyday shaper or postpartum girdle.
      • Boyshort design.
      • Flat seams, without zipper or hooks.
      • Easy to pull up.
      • Removable straps.
      • Natural butt lifting effect.
      • Open gusset for comfort enhancement.
      • Microlatex material
      • Certified Made in COLOMBIA




  8. As low as $60.00

    This shaper provides tummy control and creating your perfect silhouette. This shaper girdle can be used underneath your daily looks or as postpartum wear. 

    • Microlatex material
    • medium-high compression.
    • Controls the abdomen and waist.
    • 1 level hook and eye closure
    • Removable straps.
    • Open bust.
    • Boyshort style
    • 3 hook perineal row hooks
    • Certified Made in COLOMBIA




  9. As low as $49.98

     This versatile bodysuit shaper can be worn as an everyday shaper, postpartum girdle, and post-surgery compression garment. It has invisible seams that go unnoticed undergarments.


    • Medium compression
    • It is lined in microfiber
    • Torsette design.
    • High back
    • Easy to pull up
    • 3 level Hook-and-eye gusset
    • Certified MADE IN COLOMBIA



  10. As low as $49.99

    This bodysuit shaper can be worn as an everyday compression garment. This shaper is a seamless thong shaper made out of latex.

    • Microfiber lining.
    • Stylizes the silhouette.
    • Thong design.
    • Easily pull up.
    • Low back.
    • Hook-and-eye gusset.
    • This is a final sale garment.

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