Stage Two Fajas

Stage Two Fajas

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What is a stage 2 Faja?

Dive into the recovery journey with Ana Santos as your guide in this enlightening video. Discover the essential benefits and features of a Stage 2 faja, a compression garment meticulously designed to refine your desired body contour. Your body merits unparalleled care, and through this video, Ana will lead you to understand the true essence of Stage 2 Fajas, pivotal in your recovery process. Let Ana Santos be your beacon through this transformative experience.

Stage 2 Faja video transcript:

Hi, I am Ana, Charge Nurse for Dr. leonard Hochstein’s plastic surgery practice in Miami. Stage 2 compression Faja begins two weeks after surgery and runs for as many as six months post surgery. This Faja helps to snatch the tummy, back fat, sculpts the waist, hips and midsection. It has more intense therapy to match your body's healing, providing firm support, yet lighter compression as you gradually return to your daily life.

Benefits of Stage 2 Garments

1. Support and Compression

One of the primary functions of stage 2 garments is to provide support and compression to the treated area. The gentle pressure exerted by these garments helps in reducing swelling, supporting the tissues, and promoting circulation. The compression also aids in minimizing postoperative discomfort.

2. Minimizing Swelling, Bruising, and Fluid Retention

Swelling, bruising, and fluid retention are common after surgical procedures. Stage 2 garments are designed to address these issues effectively. By applying consistent pressure to the surgical site, these garments assist in reducing swelling and preventing the accumulation of fluids. This, in turn, helps in minimizing bruising and promoting faster healing.

3. Promoting Proper Healing and Contouring

Proper healing and contouring of the treated area are essential for achieving optimal results after surgery. Stage 2 garments play a crucial role in this aspect. By providing support and compression, they help in maintaining the shape of the body's tissues, ensuring a more defined contour as the healing progresses.

Stage 2 Fajas Design and Features

The best Stage 2 garments are crafted in Colombia. Made from powernet an elastic and breathable fabric. These materials allow for flexibility and comfort while ensuring adequate compression. The garments are designed to fit snugly against the body, offering targeted support to the treated area.

Depending on the type of surgery and the patient's specific needs, stage 2 garments can cover various areas, such as the abdomen, breasts, arms, or thighs. The coverage is tailored to the surgical site to provide the appropriate level of compression and support required for optimal healing.

It's important to note that the design and features of stage 2 garments can vary depending on the manufacturer and the intended purpose. Some garments may include additional features such as adjustable straps, hooks, or zippers for ease of wearing and customization. The choice of garment may depend on the surgeon's recommendation and the patient's individual requirements.

Why do i need a stage 2 faja for my recovery process?

After the second week post-surgery, known as phase two, the body begins to experience fluid loss and starts to deflate. This period marks the crucial phase where the gradual introduction of compression, utilizing materials specifically designed for healing, becomes essential. Our Stage 2 Fajas Colombianas are crafted from materials that offer varying levels of resistance while providing vital support. It is recommended to gradually increase the compression during this phase, using these materials to shape the body as the inflammation decreases.

When undergoing a surgical procedure, such as a tummy tuck, BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), arm lift, or thigh liposuction, adhering to the recommended procedure for recovery is paramount for achieving optimal results. An indispensable component of this recovery procedure is the employment of Stage 2 garments, which are instrumental in supporting the body's healing process through carefully selected materials and compression levels.

Is Stage 2 faja tighter than Stage 1?

Absolutely, a Stage 2 faja is a high compression garment and indeed tighter than its Stage 1 counterpart. The distinction lies in the materials used: Stage 2 fajas are crafted from high-compression fabrics, predominantly powernet, designed to offer a firmer support. In contrast, Stage 1 fajas are low compression garments typically made from lycra materials, known for their softer texture and lower compression levels. This difference ensures that each stage meets the specific needs of your recovery journey, with Stage 2 stepping up the support as you progress.