Stage Two Fajas

Phase two is the phase of fluid loss. The body begins to deflate. This phase occurs the second week after surgery. The second phase fajas can be the same postoperative bands of the first phase. However, most introduce compression fajas that gradually compress the body with closures, similar to a belt, that provide levels from least resistance to most resistance while still providing necessary support. It is in week two that  that you should gradually increase the compression of the girdle on your body. Think of it shaping the body as the level of inflammation decrease allows.

The science here is that you should graduate compression as your level of inflammation decreases.

Hooks or Zippers?

Phase two fajas usually have two types of closure: clasp closure (with Colombian brands that allow a graduation of up to six levels), and zipper type closure. In the case of intervention in the abdominal area, in the first phase your Doctor could tell you to fasten the girdle in the last level, the level of least resistance. Then, in this second phase you will fasten your girdle to the intermediate levels. With the passing of weeks, you can graduate with your girdle to the levels of most resistance. In the case of zippers, you may require the additional use of abdominal boards. If necessary, and if your Doctor recommends it, you may even need to buy another postoperative faja that fits your new measurements.

Generally speaking, the postoperative phase is experienced in phase one and two will and should last no more than two months, of course, always follow the recommendations of your surgeon before entering the stabilization phase in phase three.

PostPartum Use

Let us make two distinctions: Vaginal delivery and Caesarean section, since the mode of delivery will directly affect the intended use of the faja.

Stage Two Fajas for Vaginal Postpartum Recovery

The postpartum faja can begin to be used just a few days before the end of quarantine, six to eight weeks after delivery, when the internal organs already have a more anatomical position. When choosing your faja, keep in mind the closure system in the vaginal area, especially if you had an episiotomy. In that case, we recommend you opt for a waist trainer faja.

Fajas for C-Section Postpartum Recovery

Being a surgery that involves a cut in the uterus, in the caesarean section there is a longer time for the collection of organs. Then, the use of the postpartum girdle should be done eight weeks after delivery.

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