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Delie fajas, internationally known as Fájate in its native Colombia, stands as a beacon of excellence within the global textile industry. This prestigious brand has mastered the art of shapewear, offering an unparalleled range of products that cater to every need – from post-operative support to maternity and postpartum care. With a commitment to quality that's been recognized by leading institutions like INVIMA, ISO 9001, BASC, and SGS, Delie by Fajate (known in America as Delié by Diseños D' Prada) delivers not just superior shapewear but a promise of confidence and comfort, ensuring you always feel your absolute best.

About the Delie Fajas Brand

As we mark 23 remarkable years in the industry, Delie by Fajate continues to lead the way in Colombian compression garments, merging tradition with innovation to sculpt perfection. Our journey has been dedicated to enhancing the natural beauty of women worldwide, offering tailored solutions that promise comfort, confidence, and a custom-fit silhouette.

Delie Fajas Shop by Glute Shape Line

The Shop by Glute Shape line is designed to celebrate every curve, offering four distinct designs to cater to your unique body type:

  • Delie fajas 360: Tailored for women with fuller buttocks, this design offers extra flexibility in the gluteal area and a snatched waist, creating an enviable hourglass figure. Ideal for daily wear or post-surgical recovery, especially after BBL procedures.
  • Traditional Butt: Perfect for those looking to naturally enhance moderate buttocks, this design subtly uplifts and shapes, promising a beautifully contoured silhouette.
  • Delie Ultra Enhancing: A versatile choice for any body type, this design focuses on accentuating curves, offering a pronounced, eye-catching enhancement.
  • Delie Heart Shape: Specially crafted for pear-shaped bodies, this design emphasizes a slim waist and wider hips, bringing together and centering the buttocks for a natural, heart-shaped lift.
  • Delie Fajas Plus Fit: Inclusive Shapewear for Every Body: Understanding the diversity of beauty, we proudly introduce our Plus Fit line, featuring premium quality body shapers and bodysuits in sizes up to 5XL. With options for high compression garments up to 8XL, our Plus Fit line ensures a perfect, comfortable fit for full-figure ladies, celebrating every size with the same commitment to quality and comfort.

Benefits of a Delie Compression garment

Let's talk about the benefits of using a girdle:

  • Helps you improve posture
  • Reduces swelling after surgery
  • Daily use promotes skin-to-muscle adhesion
  • Shape your curves and define your waist
  • Enhances your buttocks and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Our Viveltex Protec fabric provides nutrients to your skin

23 Years of Empowerment and Innovation

Experience the difference with Delie fajas and join us in celebrating 23 years of shaping beauty, comfort, and confidence. Ideal for daily use, post-op and post partum use, Delié by Diseños D' Prada fajas are created with fashion, comfort, and your body's health in mind. Infused with a patented microcapsule formula that releases seaweed, ginkgo biloba, Cosmacol Emi, and vitamin e.