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Fajas Salomé, La Original, or “the original” is the Colombian fajas brand for men and women specializing in shaping and caring for the body. Fajas Salomé is a company committed to the development of the region and the responsible use of environmental resources. Salomé was a pioneer in the export of fajas in Colombia and its headquarters are located in Cali, Colombia.

Fajas Salomé offers its customers three levels of control

Salomé emphasizes the responsible use of its garments and recommends getting used to the body gradually. This is why they offer three levels of compression: Soft, medium and strong. Soft control girdles are perfect for those who are looking to wear girdles for the first time. Meanwhile, those with medium control create a shape that is worth showing off while still being comfortable. Finally, those fajas with strong control are for people already accustomed to wearing fajas.

First, with soft control fajas a couple of hours a day. Then, increasing time and compression gradually. In any case, your Doctor should be consulted, especially if the end use is postoperative treatment. In no way should girdles be used more than 10 hours a day.

Salomé girdles and garments are known to run small, with sizes XS up to 3XL. All girdles can be purchased in black or beige, and have internal clasps that are easy to put on. Among the different references or models, we can highlight: Fajas sleeveless or with sleeves, adjustable straps or vest style; free breasts, strapless or with bra included. Salomé offer ample sizes and lengths, as well as different options for back coverage.

How are Fajas Salomé made?

Fajas Salomé’s factory designs are manufactured with Powernet quality fabric on the outside for a unique compressive effect, and a delicate cotton lycra flannel inside, that is hypoallergenic and soft to the touch.

Salomé garments will make you to feel beautiful every day thanks to the great variety of reducing and modeling fajas the brand offers. These garments hide the chubby back fat and armpit fat, while enhancing the bust and shaping the butt.

Daily use offers excellent results: reduction of size as much as 3 sizes, especially if the faja is accompanied with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

The seven product lines of Salomé

Post-Op Line. Fajas ideal for treatment after cosmetic surgery, or for postpartum or post-cesarean recovery. In addition to fajas, this line offers other types of garments. For example, the post-surgical band (adjustable in the center) that is used after mammoplasty and serves to fix and mold the operated area. The products offered in this line accelerate the healing process.

Light invisible Line. This line includes all the fajas made of low compression Powernet. Ideal for those who are looking to use girdles for the first time or who prefer not to feel tight.

Body Line. These are special references of body type fajas that stylize the figure, control the abdomen and shape the waist. Panty, thong or Brazilian style garments are found. The products in this line are perfect for dresses and other short clothing.

Molding Line. Includes a variety of garments and girdles of medium-strong compression. Bras, short or knee-length shorts (with different waist sizes), waist belts and short or long fajas that shape the figure instantly and give perfect control. Used continuously you can reduce sizes; as much three sizes in fact. This line offers popular corsets designed with elegant lace in red or black for use as an outer garment.

Masculine Line. Fajas For all kinds of men. Control the abdomen, shape the body and improve the appearance of pectorals. Vests, belts and posture correctors are included with the current catalog.

Sports Line. Garments made of latex and neoprene inside that raise body temperature and reduce bloating. This line offers vests, belts, leggings and beautiful waistbands in different colors such as pink, purple, blue, orange and black. There are products for men and women. Some garments have a Velcro closure system that increases the stability of the spine and makes it more comfortable to use for exercise.

Accessories Lines. Variety of products that include abdominal pads, strips and boards; Orthopedic cushions and special skin care products. The hot body gel is a popular add-on, the application of which increases the body temperature so that the skin sweats, releasing toxins and reduces bloating.

We invite you to visit our Fajas Salomé catalog and browse through the different options. We are sure you will find the fajas that best suits you.