Delie 08052 Stage 2 Faja + Bra

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Delie 08052 Stage 2 Faja + Bra


Introducing Delie 08052, our new Stage 2 Faja with Bra, 3 Hooks & knee-length coverage available in Cocoa and Black. This girdle is ideal as an aid in the recovery, scarring, and adherence of skin to muscle after surgery and with regular use. Its built-in bra with high coverage cups provides the proper support, and the three levels of clasps help the garment fit the body.

Control level: High
Control area: Abdomen, bust, legs, buttocks
Material: Powernet spandex
Open Gasset perennial closure
Butt Lifter

Preferably wash by hand. Avoid using a dryer. Use gentle soap, preferably special soap for Fájate garments. Wash separately. Dry in the shade and do not use bleach. When putting it on, avoid using accessories that could damage the garment (rings, bracelets, and long nails).