Delie 08243 First Stage Faja + Bra

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Delie 08243 First Stage Faja + Bra


Introducing Delie 08243, our new Stage 1 Faja with Bra. This faja is ideal for the first stage of recovery after surgery and with regular use. Its built-in bra provides the proper support, and the three levels of clasps help the garment fit the body. It is knee-length with three levels of hook closures to help drain and expel fluids from the body. Made from spandex material, it provides low to medium compression to uniformly drain fluids and prevent the appearance of fibrosis or scarring. The three levels of hooks allow for a better fit and improved compression.

This faja helps eliminate retained body fluids caused by inflammation during recovery, reduces the risk of fluid pockets, increases blood circulation, and contributes to proper skin adhesion. Its enriched fabric prevents wound contamination, reduces bruising, and reduces pain. The patented technology called viveltex provides nutrients, hydration, and skin tonification to improve scarring.

This faja replaces Delie 09198 and Fajate 11198 in Colombia. It is made in Colombia.