For many, the first impression is the most important: your clothes, makeup or hairstyle. For Fajitex, your attitude supersedes the rest. Looking good is not just being fashionable. Looking good is expressing your style, your personality and the strength with which you live your day to day.

Fajitex Colombian fajas complement your personal image, from the inside to the outside. Comfortable, free and perfect. You control the rest.

Garments made with love, 100% Colombian

Lycra Beauty Fabrics. Brand differentiating added value included with many of its products. To summarize it, all you need to know is that each strip is made with fabrics of different sizes and patented details that provide the desired level of molding. Lycra Beauty fabrics provide a perfect balance between molding and comfort.

Fajas Garments with Vitamin E and Slim 3 technology

Fajas made with vitamin E components that nourish, soften and protect. Vitamin E is known to promote the production of proteins such as elastin and collagen, which optimizes the skin's regeneration process and delays aging. Slim 3, meanwhile, is a technology that incorporates, in addition to Vitamin E, microcapsules of Ginkgo biloba, seaweed and Cosmacol Emi.

Modern Manufacturing

Within the Fajitex catalog it is possible to find a variety of styles like: waistband, thong, extra short, half leg and knee. And for men, there are vests and full body garments.

These control garments are made under the principles of creativity and innovation that, beyond responding to market trends, meet the real needs of men and women.

For men, post-surgical vests help improve posture.

Post-surgical and Postpartum Girdles

Made with vitamin E or Slim 3. For post-op you can find bras, stabilizing vests, sleeves and abdominal boards known as “lipo boards”. Fajas offer extra-abdominal support, front or side snap system of up to 4 levels, or zip closure system. Remember, postsurgical and postpartum fajas tend to be high compression.

Fajas to control, enhance or mold

No matter the area of concern, Fajitex has garments to shape the abdomen, waist, legs, buttocks, arms, back ... Or the whole body! Garments with enhancement and butt lifting effect. We offer filters by compression level: high or medium. Medium compression forms the silhouette, while high compression maximizes your curves.

For men, there are daily wear belts that reinforce the abdominal area. In addition, Fajitex has a special boxer butt lift that is wildly popular.

Fajas for Sport

Medium compression fajas with natural butt lift effect. Some of their girdles have beautiful patterned designs in addition to the classic black, beige or white.

Fajas for resting and sleeping

Sensual, elegant and comfortable, similar to the belts for sports. They have a medium level of compression and highlight their designs with silicone lace terminations that prevent the garment from being rolled up.

Fajas Fajitex Size Chart

Each product has a size chart button near the price. Please visit this link.

Discover all the benefits of Fajitex control garments and dare to be yourself. The brand is headquartered in Medellín, Colombia.

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