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If you have never used fajas and want to do it for the first time, slimming fajas also known as invisible are the perfect place to start. Comparable to slips and spanx, their low level of compression allows the body to get used to its use without creating discomfort. They are easy to put on and retain the benefits of shaping fajas by helping you achieve a fit figure look with discrete and soft curves.

Slimming fajas are made for daily use.

Invisible. That is, they can be worn under clothing and will not be noticed.

Inivisible fajas are stage 1 fajas. Popular for the use of taking care of the body the first days after delivery or after cosmetic surgeries.

Wearing Fajas for the First Time

Wearing fajas for the first time can be complicated if you are not familiar with the care and use of these garments. We suggest you read and bookmark our guides on how long to wear a faja, how to wash a faja and, of course, how to put on a faja.

It is critical that you find the right size. Many women believe that its best to buy a size smaller. This is a common mistake and can harm your health.

Fajas are known to run small. To find your size, visit our size chart page where you will find the measurement tables of each one of our brands. These tables take into account weight, height and waist and hip measurements.

If you are between sizes, it is important that you choose the largest size. The best girdles make your body feel a little tight, but without losing mobility and much less comfort.

Once you purchase your first set of fajas, introduce them gradually. Fajas Salomé, one of our brands, is transparent in emphasizing that control garments must be used responsibly.

For daily use, it is recommended that you start wearing it a couple of hours a day, three or four days a week. Gradually increase the time of use to four or five hours a day for no more than six days a week.

Eventually, your body will get used to the firm position of the garment. After a few weeks, the usage time can be increased to eight hours with a maximum of ten hours a day. You should not sleep with the faja.

Put your faja on while standing up. First, raise the garment to the hips and then pulled by the sides to its final position.

Hooks and zippers are to be used from the bottom up.

Last, remember that fajas are intimate garments. It is recommended that you wash them every day with soap made for delicate clothes. In addition, air dry in the shade and never use strong products like chlorine as it could deteriorate the quality of the textile.

Our Invisible Fajas

We carry low compression slimming garments made by exclusive brands such as Diane & Geordi, MyD and Salomé. Our slimming fajas are all certified 100% Colombian made garments. Colombia’s manufacturing process adheres to the highest quality standards worldwide. We look to offer the best of the best. The brands we offer in our catalog are amongst the top 94th percentile in quality, comfort, durability and customer satisfaction. Most brands do not make our website.

Slimming fajas smooth the body curves by flattening lumps which provides for a slimmer figure.

In general, made of low compression materials and similar to slips these fajas do not have any linings, at most they may have a basic zipper type closure. Look for designs that offer openings in the crotch area which makes it easier to go to the bathroom.

Size and waist reducing fajas are easy to wear garments that subtly sculpt the body. Small sizes XS are found up to plus sizes XXL and 5 XL.

Slimming Fajas Salomé

Salomé, the Original, has an entire line specialized in low compression control garments made in Powernet on the outside and soft hypoallergenic cotton fabric inside. Its line, called Light Invisible, offers a variety of garments that easily adapt to the body. They are distinguished by a single dark beige color, and are used for the phase 1 of post-surgical treatment and daily use. Ideal solution for those not accustomed to the rigidity of other fajas that offer greater compression.

Slimming options in this line include:

  • Short girdles and long girdles. Some without closure and others with side closure and double lining for post-surgical treatments.
  • Long blouse-style bras that help to show off a flat stomach
  • Vests for women with long sleeves for post-surgical treatments.
  • Panty style including thong. Some with pre-braced bra and others with strapless or bra free.

Slimming Fajas Diane Poitiere

Exclusive brand of Diane & Geordi that has developed the Seamless Line.

Slimming Fajas especially designed without seams. The seamless line is composed of low compression garments made with soft and resistant materials, and a recognizable cocoa color.

Slmming garments in the Seamless line includes:

  • Fajas waist trainer style that sculpt the abdomen and hide the belly.
  • Full body overalls boy short style or panty style with butt lift effect.

Slimming Fajas MyD

Finally, within its feminine line, our Expert Brand offers a variety of exclusive low compression designs in beige and black colors:

  • Short shorts with high waist and extra high with abdominal reinforcement.
  • Knee long with free breasts, adjustable shoulders and covered back.

Invisible by Fajas

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We invite you to explore our online store for more information on the garments offered by our selected brands. For our slimming category we have carefully classified the best low compression garments recommended for daily use.