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Who says that plus size women can't wear shapewear, or that they are the only ones that do? Nothing stops us women, much less our weight. Skinny, fit, average for my frame, thick, overweight, large, bloated, tall or small: All the same we are working on it and we know all it takes is that little extra for us to look fantastic.

We  are here to give you that little extra. Hand selected Colombian Made Plus Size Fajas that are INVIMA certified, 100% Colombian made, certified for medical use, enriched fabrics, we offer high quality fajas for treating the skin.

The lining material used in these fajas is a cutting-edge microencapsulated fabric that is among the latest generation of intelligent textiles.

Microspheres gradually release active agents by simple rubbing of the fabric against any surface, the intelligent fabrics rupture over time releasing microcapsules of vitamin E that accelerate the healing process and improve the elasticity of the skin.

Microencapsulated Fajas

Microencapsulated Fajas can be worn under any type of clothing that makes you feel comfortable and original.

It’s no secret that in latin american Fajas are already part of every woman's underwear set. What might surprise you is the advances in production quality due to the medical approach to the manufacturing and engineering behind the fajas that we offer in our plus size category.

Creative cuts of fabrics to complement the most complex outfit or dress. Light use of silicone to prevent foldage, tastefully laced intelligent Vitamin E microencapsulated fajas variety of colors, styles and sizes.

For example, in our plus size catalog you can find black girdles with sensual lace lingerie designs (D&G ref. 2396).

You will also find fajas designed to exercise and burn fat (MyD ref. 0152), just in case you want that little extra help that will help you lose extra pounds just by wearing them.

Mind you, the use of the intelligent Vitamin E microencapsulated fajas goes far beyond the aesthetic: they are also recommended for post-surgical treatment or for postpartum. Even the leading brands in the market have special lines of control garments for men, with models that enhance pectorals and help correct posture.

Now that you know, there’s no excuse for not owning and wearing this type of clothing. Millions of women in latin america have enjoyed next level results due to the daily use of intelligent fajas.

Reinforced Fajas

For example, for girls with a lot of stomach, we offer plus size fajas with extra reinforcements in the abdominal area (MyD ref. F0478) that flatten and hide the belly.

If you want to shape the size of your breasts look for plus size fajas with bra (Salome ref. 0534) whose bra area is manufactured wider, with soft compression to accomodate your breasts as you wish.

On the other hand, we also have plus size fajas designed to enhance the bust (D&G ref. 2395).

Pro tip: Colombian manufactured control garments are offered in three levels of compression; low, medium and high. The level of compression is defined by the type of use and the manufacturing material.

Some women, for example, wear girdles to go to work or college every day. In this case, they can opt for invisible fajas models (seamless, hooks or rods) with a soft level of compression, suitable for use under the uniform or for casual meetings. Comprable to the slip or modern day spanx but with addedd compression in the areas that will help favor your natural silhouette.

In contrast, there are women who wear fajas exclusively to go out at night under modern party dresses that hugh the body and accentuate the hips, butt and bust.

Fajas create voluptuous curves in all sizes.

If you have a special event that will last less than 5 hours, then opt for high or medium compression fajas found in our shaping catalog.

At we don't care about the number that appears on the label of your shirt. The plus size fajas we carry offer the same results for all women or all sizes.

 Our products are dynamic: they stylize the curves of the body, allowing you to wear short dresses or high-rise jeans or baggy blouses or beneath nightgowns. Don't be afraid to fill your closet with plus size fajas that complement you and are know to cause a sensation.

Before you buy be sure to see our size chart as the fajas do run small.

Its size to use this type of girdles may be a different from that of other garments, as it considers a slightly larger waist or hips.