After giving birth, maximize the recovery results of your body with postpartum girdles. Complimented with healthy eating and proper exercise, postpartum fajas will shape your body in a few weeks. Your before and after will be amazing and breath taking.

The use of these garments is one of the most recommended tools for recovery because the fajas pick up the excess abdominal tissue that would otherwise be hanging without support. A saggy abdomen after delivery generates a feeling of emptiness that is annoying for many women, and even painful, especially for those who have gone through multiple pregnancies.

How to use Postpartum Fajas?

Pregnancy is a process that is accompanied by significant physiological changes. After childbirth, it is necessary to allow time for the muscles and internal organs of the abdomen to reset and readjust to the position and size they had before pregnancy. This stage is known as Postpartum confinement and usually lasts about five weeks.

Experts recommend using fajas the days before the end of the confinement period, when the body has already progressed through the physiological changes.

However, new intelligent fabrics have proven to benefit the body with early use, a few days after giving birth. In this case, it is necessary to opt for very low compression soft garments (such as those in our category of invisible fajas) with the sole purpose of collecting the abdominal tissue that would otherwise be “hanging”, invisible fajas are never used to shape the abdomen. The best postpartum girdles are those that strengthen the abdominal area without tightening. Jessica Alba article

Remember that the recommended time of use for postpartum fajas is three to five hours a day, for no more than three months at a time. However, seek medical opinion and do not ignore the recommendations of your gynecologist to know exactly when and how long to wear these compression garments, since their benefits depend on the recovery process of each woman. By the way, keep in mind that postpartum fajas are never to be worn while sleeping.

What is the best postpartum faja?

Our online catalog offers postpartum control garments made by Colombian brands of the highest quality. Some girdles are categorized as post-surgical because the material they are lined with has special emphasis on skin care and is also used for the treatment of cosmetic surgeries.

To find the best postpartum faja, mothers who have just given birth should consider wounds derived from caesarean section or episiotomy procedures. Look for certified Colombian fajas.

Postpartum C Section Fajas

If you have gone through a C-section, it is recommended that you wait a few days for the wound to rest. Then, you can opt for the use of our MyD fajas whose lining material has embedded vitamin E microcapsules that improve skin elasticity and aid in the healing process. Another equally recommended option is the Salome girdles lined with hypo-allergenic fabric that help the skin breathe and optimize the natural healing process.

Additionally, keep in mind the adjustable closing hooks some fajas offer. We have references with hooks of up to four levels of adjustment for you to adjust the level of compression and avoid excesses in the abdominal area. You can also opt for designs with side zippers to disturb as little as possible the cesarean suture.

Natural Birth Postpartum Fajas

On the other hand, women who went through a natural birth may have sutures or tears in the region of the perineum. In this case, it is important to wear garments that disturb the crotch as little as possible. Fajas with bare perineal space are recommended, such as Diane Poitiere Girdle models of the Diane & Geordi brand.

It is essential that you avoid using thong fajas or Brazilian panty style fajas because they generate excessive sweating in areas and hinder the healing process. Fajas with boxer or boxer brief designs are more appropriate, and even better, use waist trainers that have no contact with the crotch.

If you took on significant weight due to twins or a small frame, we have orthopedic postpartum fajas that reinforce the lower back and help correct the posture. This is especially important if we take into account the additional weight that a woman has to carry during pregnancy.

We invite you to explore our postpartum fajas catalog, we have fajas that fit all budgets and needs. To know what size to buy, look for the measurement tables button in the description of each one of our products. We carry size small to sizes five XL.

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