Postpartum Fajas

After giving birth, maximize the recovery results of your body with postpartum girdles. Complimented with healthy eating and proper exercise, postpartum fajas will shape your body in a few weeks. Your before and after will be amazing and breath taking.

The use of these garments is one of the most recommended tools for recovery because the fajas pick up the excess abdominal tissue that would otherwise be hanging without support. A saggy abdomen after delivery generates a feeling of emptiness that is annoying for many women, and even painful, especially for those who have gone through multiple pregnancies.

How to use Postpartum Fajas?

Pregnancy is a process that is accompanied by significant physiological changes. After childbirth, it is necessary to allow time for the muscles and internal organs of the abdomen to reset and readjust to the position and size they had before pregnancy. This stage is known as Postpartum confinement and usually lasts about five weeks.

Experts recommend using fajas the days before the end of the confinement period, when the body has already progressed through the physiological changes.

However, new intelligent fabrics have proven to benefit the body with early use, a few days after giving birth. In this case, it is necessary to opt for very low compression soft garments (such as those in our category of invisible fajas) with the sole purpose of collecting the abdominal tissue that would otherwise be “hanging”, invisible fajas are never used to shape the abdomen. The best postpartum girdles are those that strengthen the abdominal area without tightening. Jessica Alba article

Remember that the recommended time of use for postpartum fajas is three to five hours a day, for no more than three months at a time. However, seek medical opinion and do not ignore the recommendations of your gynecologist to know exactly when and how long to wear these compression garments, since their benefits depend on the recovery process of each woman. By the way, keep in mind that postpartum fajas are never to be worn while sleeping.

What is the best postpartum faja?

Our online catalog offers postpartum control garments made by Colombian brands of the highest quality. Some girdles are categorized as post-surgical because the material they are lined with has special emphasis on skin care and is also used for the treatment of cosmetic surgeries.

To find the best postpartum faja, mothers who have just given birth should consider wounds derived from caesarean section or episiotomy procedures. Look for certified Colombian fajas.

Postpartum C Section Fajas

If you have gone through a C-section, it is recommended that you wait a few days for the wound to rest. Then, you can opt for the use of our MyD fajas whose lining material has embedded vitamin E microcapsules that improve skin elasticity and aid in the healing process. Another equally recommended option is the Salome girdles lined with hypo-allergenic fabric that help the skin breathe and optimize the natural healing process.

Additionally, keep in mind the adjustable closing hooks some fajas offer. We have references with hooks of up to four levels of adjustment for you to adjust the level of compression and avoid excesses in the abdominal area. You can also opt for designs with side zippers to disturb as little as possible the cesarean suture.

Natural Birth Postpartum Fajas

On the other hand, women who went through a natural birth may have sutures or tears in the region of the perineum. In this case, it is important to wear garments that disturb the crotch as little as possible. Fajas with bare perineal space are recommended, such as Diane Poitiere Girdle models of the Diane & Geordi brand.

It is essential that you avoid using thong fajas or Brazilian panty style fajas because they generate excessive sweating in areas and hinder the healing process. Fajas with boxer or boxer brief designs are more appropriate, and even better, use waist trainers that have no contact with the crotch.

If you took on significant weight due to twins or a small frame, we have orthopedic postpartum fajas that reinforce the lower back and help correct the posture. This is especially important if we take into account the additional weight that a woman has to carry during pregnancy.

We invite you to explore our postpartum fajas catalog, we have fajas that fit all budgets and needs. To know what size to buy, look for the measurement tables button in the description of each one of our products. We carry size small to sizes five XL.


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  1. As low as $114.99

    Lipo-reducing Faja with bra has a smooth side zipper which minimizes interaction with stitches and minimizes chances of infection. This faja offers addition control of the thigh area.

    Sleeveless faja with bra and side zipper available in Beige and Black.

    Delié 09216 replaces Fájate 12016 in Colombia.

  2. As low as $114.99

    Postsurgical girdle with incorprated bra is designed to provide compression to the thighs and compresses the abdomen in all three levels. Please note these garments run small, due to their high compression. We recommend selecting one size up. 

    • Post-surgical girdle
    • Incorporated bra
    • Designed to provide compression to the thighs
    • Compresses the abdomen in all three levels
  3. As low as $109.98

    Stage Two Black Faja Delie 09052

    This girdle helps the recovery, healing process and adherence of the skin to the muscle, after an intervention and with constant use.

    Its built-in bra with high coverage cups provide adequate support, the three levels of snaps help the garment to fit the body.

    Delié 09052 replaces Fájate 12052 in Colombia.

  4. As low as $99.99

    Delié by Fájate 09047 Black

    Ideal for daily use. Knee length braless faja made of powernet and spandex material that molds and enhances the figure providing high control in your desired area, conceals sagging and gives firmness to the skin, corrects the posture relieving back pain.

    Fabric enriched with Viveltex; A combination of components that hydrate, nourish and tone the skin, and release with skin contact.

    • Wear with your favorite bra.
    • High compression in the abdominal area for increased firmness
    • Low back coverage

    Replaces Fajate 12047 in Colombia.

  5. As low as $99.99

    This girdle is designed to show off a slim figure at all times by molding you instantly, the combination of materials give the perfect compression and the design is the ideal structure for defining curves.

    Great for after plastic surgery, aesthetic treatment is essential, it accelerates recovery and good results. It is also a must for daily use.

    Delié 09021 replaces Fájate 12021 in Colombia.

  6. As low as $129.99

    Post Surgery Zipper Long Sleeve with Bra

    Long Sleeve, Full Length, High Compression Faja with side Zipper, Best Seller in Colombia. Ideal for Post Lipo, BBL and Postpartum recovery

  7. As low as $99.99

    Side Zipper High Compression

    Braless, Suspenders, Knee-Length High Compression Garment ideal for C-Section and Post Surgery Recovery.

  8. As low as $115.99

    Fájate 12010 Post-Op with Bra

    High Compression Garment. Double High Compression in the Abdominal Area. High Back. Minimizes Scar Infection, Speeds Up Recovery.

  9. As low as $110.99

    Delié by Fájate 09052 New!

    Ideal for Post Partum and Post-Op, this Post Surgery Girdle offers high compression and helps the skin reattach to the muscle. Stabilizes the back and corrects posture. Molds and shapes your figure.

    • Bra included in one single compression garment
    • Double compression in the abdominal area for increased firmness
    • High back coverage
    • Helps eliminate retained body fluids caused by inflammation during the recovery phase of post-op procedures.
    • Reduces risk of fluid pockets in specific areas. Increases blood circulation.
    • Contributes to proper skin adhesion.
    • Enriched fabric that prevents wound contamination.
    • Reduces bruising.
    • Reduces pain and improves the scarring of the skin due to patented technology called viveltex which provides nutrients, hydration and skin tonification.

    Replaces Fajate 12052 in Colombia.

  10. As low as $85.99

    Delie 09066 New to Market!

    The Delie 09066 faja is a compression garment designed for postpartum and daily use. This garment provides an all around 360 compression and is cotton-lined for your skin’s comfort. This garment molds and stylizes the figure. Convenient zipper closure prevents interaction with stitches and wounds.

    Ultra Enhancement Line Reduce As Much As 1.2 Inches! This faja offer High Compression, Braless Boy Short Garment With Suspenders and 3 levels of hooks.

    • High compression
    • Mid-thigh girdle
    • Strapless to wear with any dress
    • Adjustable bra straps
    • Buttocks lifting effect
    • Front diagonal and bottom zippers
    • Silicone lace hemline
    • Flat seams
    • Perineal zipper 
    • Shapes and controls the abdomen, hips, legs, and buttocks
    • Certified MADE IN COLOMBIA

    This faja is made with material that hydrates, enriches and tones the skin. Interior lining made in Lycra for additional skin care benefits. 

    Delie 09066 replaces Fajate 12066 in Colombia.

  11. As low as $67.99

    MariaE's versatile shaper can be used as a postpartum compression garment, post-op garment and for daily use purposes. Made of Triconet, a complex compression fabric that offers a top-quality shaping effect. Includes a cotton lining for more comfort. 

    • Triconet and Cotton.
    • Medium Compression.
    • Its hypoallergenic breathable cotton lining will enhance comfort.
    • Mid back coverage.
    • Adjustable, removable straps.
    • Its two-level hook-and-eye front closure allows grading compression.
    • Knee length with lace hem.
    • The strap cushions provide relief to wear it all day long.
    • Perineal zipper
  12. MariaE's postpartum girdle is the ideal garment to wear after giving birth. This shapewear is ideal as a postpartum shaper, post op shapewear, slimming shapewear, tummy control shapewear, compression garment after liposuction and girdle under dress.

    • Powernet and Nylon.
    • Medium Compression.
    • Made of Powernet, a high compression blend with polyamide and elastane.
    • The hypoallergenic nylon lining features Vitafit, a moisturizing component.
    • side zipper closure
    • Our shapewear for women features silicone laces that keep the girdle from rolling up.
    • The flap style opening gusset is perfect when going to the bathroom.
    Out of stock
  13. As low as $69.98

    This shaper is one of our bestsellers providing an hourglass shape. This shaper girdle can be used underneath your daily looks or as postpartum wear.

    • Medium-High compression.
    • Microfiber lining.
    • Controls abdomen, waist, and enhances the hips.
    • Adapts perfectly.
    • Open bust.
    • Buttock lifting effect
    • Flat front zipper and inner hooks.
    • Silicone lace hemline.
    • Open crotch.
    • short style.
    • Certified MADE IN COLOMBIA
  14. As low as $69.98

    This shaper provides tummy control your looking for postpartum, while enhances your hips and creating your perfect silhoutte.This shaper girdle can be used underneath your daily looks or as postpartum wear.

    • Medium compression
    • Made of Powernet.
    • Helps post-birth (natural or c-section).
    • Butt-lifting effect.
    • Reduces inches and shapes instantly.
    • Controls over the abdomen and thighs.
    • Gives extra firm tummy control.
    • Innovative side zip closure system.
    • Removable straps
    • Reinforced with inner hooks - and- eyes.
    • Mid-back coverage
    • Crotchless feature.
    • Certified MADE IN COLOMBIA

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