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Delie 09052


Revolutionize Your Recovery with Delié by Fájate 09052 - Your Companion for a Smooth Transition

Introducing the Delié by Fájate 09052, designed to support you during your journey towards recovery. Our advanced girdle is not just a garment; it's a breakthrough in post-operative care and postpartum support, offering unparalleled compression without compromising on comfort.

Comprehensive Features for Holistic Support:

  • Integrated High-Control Post-Surgical Girdle with Bra: The girdle features a brasier with clasps that separate the upper and lower sections, facilitating asepsis for post-operative care or breastfeeding. It includes three levels of adjustment to customize the fit to your liking and a perineal opening for added convenience during bathroom visits.
  • Exceptional Material and Design: Made with external Powernet fabric for additional abdominal reinforcement and compression, this girdle shapes and controls the body with strength. The internal Lycra fabric is enriched with Viveltex Protect components, offering multiple skin benefits.
  • Optimized for Comfort and Shaping: Tailored to define the legs with a knee-length design and delicate lace featuring silicone grips for comfort. The girdle's enhanced capacity in the buttocks area lifts and shapes, accentuating curves with its flat or invisible seams that are gentle on the skin.
  • Versatile Use and High Control: Ideal for post-surgical, postpartum, or daily use, this girdle offers high-level control over key areas such as the abdomen, bust, legs, and buttocks. Adjustment mechanisms include a clasp system for personalized fitting.
  • Style and Benefits: Knee-length for comprehensive shaping, featuring an internal lining with Viveltex components throughout. The cocoa color creates an optical effect to prevent marking under clothing. Double abdominal reinforcement for a defined abdomen, with an upper elastic band for correct torso support and a separated brasier section for versatility.

Empowering Your Recovery Path:

  • Fluid and Fibrosis Management: Aims to prevent fluid retention and the formation of fibrosis, offering compression that reduces pain and enhances movement security. The total back coverage ensures a stylized posture, with perfect waist and hip molding for a defined enhancement effect. Plus, enjoy the pleasant scent designed to uplift your recovery experience.
  • Innovative Fabric Technology: Our garment is infused with seaweed and spirulina, known for their hydrating properties and ability to protect the skin from environmental stressors. Plus, enriched with Vitamins K, B, and E, it supports skin health, aiding in the reduction of bruising and improving the appearance of scars.

A Leap Forward in Post-Operative Care:

Delié by Fájate 09052 is not just a garment; it's a testament to our commitment to your comfort and recovery. Replacing the Fajate 12052 in Colombia, this advanced girdle sets a new standard in post-surgery care, ensuring you receive the support you need to embrace recovery confidently.

Delie Size Chart

Their sizes take into account inflammation, hip, waist and inflammation levels.

To find your size locate your measurements below and make sure to take into account your level of inflammation if applicable.

STEP 1: Choose the pant size that you usually use based on your waist and hip size.
STEP 2: Choose the size that coincides with your measurements, taking inflammation into consideration.

Scroll left or right
1 (Hips. 34 - 36) (Waist. 24 - 26) L M H                
2 (Hips. 36 - 38) (Waist. 26 - 28)   L M H              
3 (Hips. 38 - 40) (Waist. 28 - 30)     L M H            
5 (Hips. 40 - 42) (Waist. 30 - 32)       L M H          
7 (Hips. 42 - 44) (Waist. 32 - 34)         L M H        
9 (Hips. 44 - 46) (Waist. 34 - 36)           L M H      
11 (Hips. 46 - 48) (Waist. 36 - 38)             L M H    
13 (Hips. 48 - 50) (Waist. 38 - 40)               L M H  
15 (Hips. 50 - 52) (Waist. 40 - 42)                 L M H

Size 3XS is not available for men.

Identify your garment according to your size and level of inflammation (HIGH, MEDIUM AND LOW) as suggested in the size chart