Delie 09052

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Delie 09052


Delié by Fájate 09052 New!

Ideal for Post Partum and Post-Op, this Post Surgery Girdle offers high compression and helps the skin reattach to the muscle. Stabilizes the back and corrects posture. Molds and shapes your figure.

  • Bra included in one single compression garment
  • Double compression in the abdominal area for increased firmness
  • High back coverage
  • Helps eliminate retained body fluids caused by inflammation during the recovery phase of post-op procedures.
  • Reduces risk of fluid pockets in specific areas. Increases blood circulation.
  • Contributes to proper skin adhesion.
  • Enriched fabric that prevents wound contamination.
  • Reduces bruising.
  • Reduces pain and improves the scarring of the skin due to patented technology called viveltex which provides nutrients, hydration and skin tonification.

Replaces Fajate 12052 in Colombia.