Faja Bodysuit High Compression Panty Cut in Black

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Faja Panty Black


Black Faja Bodysuit: The Ultimate Shapewear Solution for Every Woman

Step into the world of unparalleled comfort and silhouette refinement with our Faja Bodysuit collection, a cornerstone of shapewear that women absolutely love. Designed to seamlessly blend with your skin and clothes, this bodysuit enhances your natural curves, creating a sleek, smooth appearance under any outfit. Our site's customers have made it clear; this garment stands as a testament to functional elegance and fantastic performance.

Black Faja Body Shaper Features

  • Internal snaps and flat zipper closure: The Hook and eye closure behind the zipper reinforces the flat seamless closure.

  • Gentle Waist Embracement & Smooth Contouring: Embrace your waist with a bodysuit that offers smooth, natural contouring, ensuring comfort without the feel of tight constriction throughout your day.

  • Subtle Bust and Back Smoothing: This bodysuit enhances your natural shape, providing a seamless appearance under clothing by subtly supporting and smoothing your bust and back.

  • Elegant Posture Support: Featuring adjustable straps and a thoughtful back design, our bodysuit encourages a poised, confident posture, blending style with wellness.

  • Hassle-Free Wearability: Practical internal snaps and a discreet perineal clasp make stepping into your Faja Bodysuit effortless, streamlining your morning routine.

  • Convenient Restroom Accessibility: The bodysuit’s innovative perineal clasp design simplifies restroom visits without the need to remove the entire garment, reflecting our attention to functionality and user care.

  • Skin-Friendly Fabric for All-Day Comfort: Enjoy the hypo-allergenic fabric lining that treats your skin with care, ensuring lasting comfort from morning till night.

Invisible Under Clothes

Meticulously crafted to be undetectable, the FAJA Stage 2 allows you to wear your favorite outfits with complete confidence. Its discreet design ensures that you can enjoy a contoured, enhanced figure without any visible line

Experience Comfort and Support Like Never Before Crafted from high-compression materials, the Faja Bodysuit is perfect for wearing throughout the day, providing a smooth, flawless base for any clothes. Women report a remarkable difference in how their outfits look and feel, thanks to the bodysuit's ability to create a sleek silhouette without sliding under even the most form-fitting dresses and skirts.

Designed with You in Mind Our design system focuses on convenience, with features like a perineal zipper for easy restroom access, and adjustable hooks to ensure the perfect fit. This bodysuit is a functional masterpiece that shapes, lifts, and enhances, all while offering unmatched comfort. From smoothing the tummy and waist to lifting the butt for that perfect butt lift effect, our Faja Bodysuit is engineered to perfection.

Celebrate Your Curves in Every Outfit Whether it's for a special occasion or everyday wear, our shapewear provides the perfect foundation, ensuring your clothes fit flawlessly and comfortably. The seamless design and adjustable straps make it an essential addition to any woman's wardrobe, promising day-long comfort and a fantastic appearance.

Choose Your Perfect Match Available in Cocoa and Black, select the perfect shade to complement your skin tone and wardrobe. Our size guide and measuring system ensure you find the perfect fit for your body, enhancing your curves to perfection. With our Faja Bodysuit, every woman can embrace her natural beauty and step out in confidence.

Why Women absolutely Love Our Faja Bodysuit

Our customers can't get enough of the comfort, fit, and sleek appearance the Faja Bodysuit offers. It's a garment that not only flattens and shapes but does so with such elegance and subtlety that it becomes an indispensable part of your daily outfit.

On sale now, add this essential piece to your collection and experience the perfect blend of functionality, design, and comfort. Order today and learn why our Faja Bodysuit is the shapewear choice for women looking to enhance their wardrobe performance and embrace their curves in every occasion.

Faja Size Chart

The faja sizes take into account weight, waist and type of use (daily or post-surgical).

Faja fajas run small. Due to the garment's high compression fabric always select at least one size above your everyday size. In addition, if you are between sizes please select one size up.

WAIST: Measure above the navel towards the upper end of the ribs. You should be measuring the thin part of your body.

HIPS: Measure the widest part of your body. Your legs should be together and should not be rubbing against each other.

PRO TIP: Remember to gradually increase the compression of your faja overtime.

Scroll left or right
S 23.9” - 26.3” 35.4” - 38.5”
M 26.7” - 30.7” 38.9” - 43.3”
L 31.1” - 35” 43.7” - 47.2”
XL 35.4” - 39.3” 47.6” - 50.3”
2XL 39.7” - 42.1” 50.7” - 53.1”
3XL 42.5” - 44.8” 53.5” - 55.5”