Delie 09366 BBL 360 Waist Is One Size Smaller Than Hips

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Delie 09366

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Delie 09366

Discover unparalleled comfort and support with the Delie 09366, a Sleeveless, Knee-Length Garment designed to offer a snug and supportive fit. This high-compression garment, featuring a built-in bra and crafted with premium Powernet fabric lined with soft nylon, is your companion for enhanced daily comfort.

Key Features for Your Enhanced Comfort:

  • Personalized Adjustment: Equipped with three levels of hook and eye closures, the Delie 09366 allows for a customized fit, accommodating your comfort needs as they evolve.
  • Practicality in Design: A thoughtful perineal zipper ensures convenience without compromising on comfort, making your day-to-day activities smoother.
  • Superior Fabric Quality: The Powernet fabric's elasticity and durability, paired with a gentle nylon lining, create a balance of support and softness against the skin.
  • Craftsmanship from Colombia: Proudly made in Colombia, the Delie 09366 embodies the meticulous quality and craftsmanship standards of our garments.

Innovative Fabric Technology for Optimal Skin Health:

  • Enhanced with Patented Technology: Our garment incorporates natural components like Seaweed and Spirulina, offering hydration and UV protection to keep your skin healthy.
  • Vitamin-Rich Fabric: With Vitamins K, B, and E integrated into the fabric, the Delie 09366 supports skin health by aiding in the blood clotting process, reducing the appearance of bruises, and fighting signs of skin aging.

Care and Maintenance:

  • For lasting wear, we recommend hand washing and air drying the Delie 09366. Avoid the use of bleach and harsh chemicals to maintain the fabric's integrity and effectiveness.

*Important: Sizes 4XL and up are FINAL SALE due to the personalized nature of the fit.

Embrace the Delie 09366 for daily support that cares for your skin, designed with innovative technology and thoughtful features to enhance your comfort and well-being.

Delie Fit 360 Size Chart

Their sizes take into account inflammation, hip, waist and inflammation levels.

To find your size locate your measurements below and make sure to take into account your level of inflammation if applicable.

STEP 1: Choose the pant size that you usually use based on your waist and hip size.
STEP 2: Choose the size that coincides with your measurements, taking inflammation into consideration.

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Mujer/ Woman XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
1 (Hips. 32 - 34) (Waist. 22 - 24) H                
2 (Hips. 34 - 36) (Waist. 24 - 26) M H              
3 (Hips. 36 - 38) (Waist. 26 - 28) L M H            
5 (Hips. 38 - 40) (Waist. 28 - 30)   L M H          
7 (Hips. 40 - 42) (Waist. 30 - 32)     L M H        
9 (Hips. 42 - 44) (Waist. 32 - 34)       L M H      
11 (Hips. 44 - 46) (Waist. 34 - 36)         L M H    
13 (Hips. 46 - 48) (Waist. 36 - 38)           L M H  
15 (Hips. 48 - 50) (Waist. 38 - 40)             L M H
16 (Hips. 50 - 52) (Waist. 40 - 42)               L M
17 (Hips. 52 - 54) (Waist. 42 - 44)                 L

Identify your garment according to your size and level of inflammation (HIGH, MEDIUM AND LOW) as suggested in the size chart