Faja BBL Stage 2 Black Waist Is One Size Smaller Than The Hips

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Faja BBL Stage 2 Black Waist Is One Size Smaller Than The Hips

Best Seller


Premium Grade BBL Faja

Innovation meets comfort in our exclusive BBL Faja. Celebrated by patients nationwide and acclaimed by leading surgery centers, this garment is not just a piece of fabric but a testament to our commitment to your recovery and well-being. Endorsed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons our faja is designed following the highest standards for post-surgery recovery, ensuring you receive support that's both effective and refined.

Crafted with care, precision, and an understanding of your post-operative needs, this faja represents the pinnacle of post-surgery garments, offering a blend of support, comfort, and elegance that stands unmatched.

Distinguished Features for Your Supreme Recovery:

  • Exclusive High-Grade Compression: Our faja is constructed from the finest Grade 1 Powernet fabric, providing high compression to aid in swelling reduction and body sculpting, securing an hourglass figure as recommended by experts.

  • Optimized Waist-to-Hip Design: Designed to enhance your figure, the waist is intentionally crafted smaller than the hips and buttocks areas, ensuring a beautifully sculpted silhouette without compromising your comfort during the recovery.

  • Gentle Buttocks Support Without Compression: The buttocks area, made from soft, stretchy nylon, ensures your shape is enhanced without unnecessary pressure, aligning with the optimal recovery practices.

  • Enhanced Comfort with Superior Straps: Say goodbye to the discomfort of narrow straps. Our faja features thick, padded straps with three levels of adjustability, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit that stays in place.

  • Robust Back Support: The high back design offers substantial support, crucial for your comfort and well-being throughout the recovery from BBL surgery.

  • Adjustable Fit for Changing Needs: Accommodate decreasing inflammation with three rows of hook and eye closures, allowing for a custom, snug fit as you heal.

  • Convenience Designed with You in Mind: The inclusion of an open gusset simplifies restroom visits, proving that no detail is too small when it comes to your comfort.

  • No-Slip Silicone Lace Hemline: A silicone lace hem ensures the faja remains securely in place, providing continuous support and comfort without the worry of rolling up.

  • Composition: 82% Polyamide, 18% spandex. Lining: 86% Nylon, 14% spandex

Your Trusted Companion for Elegance and Recovery:

Our BBL Faja is a symbol of our dedication to your recovery journey, providing not just physical support but also a boost in confidence as you heal. It's the perfect fusion of aesthetic enhancement and recovery efficiency, designed with your needs in mind.

Join Us on Your Path to Recovery:

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Thank you for considering our premium BBL Faja as your companion on the road to recovery. Embrace the journey with a garment designed to meet the highest standards of support, comfort, and elegance.

Reference: Model wears a medium : Waist :25" Hip:40" Thigh:23"

Please select your size based on your measurements, follow these steps  below(using a measuring tape): 

1. Locate your natural waistline (sits above the belly button), make sure you are fully relaxed, do not suck in your stomach, and make sure you don't pull in your measuring tape too tight. 

2. Measure your hips: Measure at your hip and around the largest part of your buttocks.

Please be advised all bodies are different. These garments have limited stretch. If you have full thighs we recommend selecting a size up. If you are a post-op customer with high inflammation, we recommend sizing up.

Select your size based on your hip measurement.

Faja Size Chart

The faja sizes take into account weight, waist and type of use (daily or post-surgical).

Faja fajas run small. Due to the garment's high compression fabric always select at least one size above your everyday size. In addition, if you are between sizes please select one size up.

WAIST: Measure above the navel towards the upper end of the ribs. You should be measuring the thin part of your body.

HIPS: Measure the widest part of your body. Your legs should be together and should not be rubbing against each other.

PRO TIP: Remember to gradually increase the compression of your faja overtime.

Scroll left or right
S 23.9” - 26.3” 35.4” - 38.5”
M 26.7” - 30.7” 38.9” - 43.3”
L 31.1” - 35” 43.7” - 47.2”
XL 35.4” - 39.3” 47.6” - 50.3”
2XL 39.7” - 42.1” 50.7” - 53.1”
3XL 42.5” - 44.8” 53.5” - 55.5”